We attach great significance to health and wellbeing.

Aspire Wellbeing aims to maximise the wellbeing of its customers, members and the local community.

Wellbeing is about achieving a good or satisfactory quality of life; characterised by health, happiness and achieving one’s potential.

Of these three states, we attach a particular significance to health as, without good health, it is difficult to maintain happiness and to achieve your potential.

our mission







We aim to assist our day care members in achieving their aspirations both when they are at our centre and also within their private lives. We achieve this by providing a day opportunities service that is focused on enabling people through exercise, and by developing independent living skills.

We aim to increase our membership base to include a wider range of disabled people. This specifically includes people who pay for their own care and support living within the geographical reach of the centre. A particular focus is assisting people to physically rehabilitate after a stroke, acquired brain injury or physical injury by using our health gym.

We aim to help members of the local community with disabilities and long term health conditions to achieve their health and wellbeing aspirations by providing access to a public gym at an affordable price.

We aim to ensure that the centre is a valuable local asset, a hub for community activities – for local businesses, local organisations and local individuals.


We believe in enablement through self-help.

Many of our day opportunities members have physical disabilities. These disabilities might be “full life” (such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy) or “life event” (such as diabetes, blindness or a stroke). Some are treatable, some are progressive.

Aspire Wellbeing provides a safe place for members to receive specialist treatment, to develop their skills, to experience a range of social opportunities, and – where appropriate – to give their family and carers an essential period of respite.

Aspire Wellbeing is dedicated to the provision of a highly positive environment, with a “can-do” focus, where members are encouraged to develop life skills, hobbies, physical dexterity, and mental capabilities.

We try to help every individual to achieve their potential.

Our philosophy is very much one of “self-help” and we try to motivate our member to find their own unique ways to express their individuality.