Stroke Rehabilitation

We provide rehabilitation support for people who have had a stroke and require a re-enablement programme. We do this in two ways. Firstly, we work in close
partnership with the NHS, creating and delivering enablement plans for patients who have recently left hospital. Secondly, we provide stroke enablement support for private individuals in our centre for up to two months.

Our stroke enablement programme, in conjunction with the NHS, bridges the gap between in-patient care and social care. This includes exercise sessions in our gym, the development of independent living skills in our kitchen, retraining in our computer room, and so on. We deliver individually tailored reablement programmes to suit individual needs.

Please contact us if you are an NHS professional seeking a day opportunities facility in the South London area to provide stroke patients with post-hospital remedial care.

We also offer stroke rehabilitation support to people living in the local area. This free support lasts for six to eight weeks, depending upon personal needs. The programme involves the same mix of training and education as for NHS referrals, and is tailored to the needs and wants of each individual concerned.

If you think you might qualify for our free programme, please contact us to find out more.


Post-stroke enablement

Coming to Aspire Wellbeing for post-stroke enablement has the benefit of introducing people who have had a stroke to our day care facilities.

They will also be able to mingle with our day care members, so that they can see for themselves the benefits of being around like minded people with similar challenges and ambitions.

We believe in improving health and wellbeing through self-help. It is our job to create an environment that makes our members feel empowered to improve their lives.

Our gym instructors are qualified to deal with a wide range of disabilities and rehabilitation needs.

Our facilities meet all accessibility requirements, and our gym has been accredited by the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) which means it is suitable for stroke enablement programmes.


Stroke Exercise Group

This is a circuit exercise group that has been specifically designed by the neuro physiotherapist team to help people who have had a stroke.

The aim is to increase strength and fitness, and to provide people who have had a stroke with the confidence, inspiration and expertise to exercise safely and correctly. We wish to help people who have had a stroke to become as active, fit and independent as possible.

On their first visit, a new member will be inducted onto the programme by one of the physios, which will include being shown a number of different exercises. These will be adapted on a one-to-one basis to suit the abilities and circumstances of each individual. They will be set at a level to ensure improvement is achieved. We will also provide a balanced programme of exercises for each member to practice at home.

The group meets at the Aspire Wellbeing Centre at 11:30am on Monday and Thursday, for a one hour session. Stroke Group members are reminded to bring along any medications that they are required to take during this period of time.

We ask everyone to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes and training shoes, and to bring a drink with them too.

The group is run by a neuro physiotherapist supported by Aspire Wellbeing fitness instructors.

If you are interested in attending the stroke exercise group, please speak to your therapist who visits you at home. They will explain how everything works in more detail, and refer you if you are still interested. You will then be contacted by a therapist to discuss your personal circumstances, and to agree a start date.


Monday 11:30am – 12:30pm
Thursday Thursday 11:30am – 12:30pm
Aspire Wellbeing 020 8125 6479
Email [email protected]
Therapist 07770 684009 or 020 3049 5558